A sample of the information that is collected is shown here. Please contact the LAB for access to historical data sets.

The following image shows an overview of dolphin presence at the ANTARES observatory during May 2010. In this case the indicator measures the strength of whistle content found in the acoustic data.

The graph below shows detection of sperm whales at the ANTARES observatory during August 2010. The indicator is based on the classification of impulsive signals in the acoustic data, characteristic for sperm whale sonar.

The following two graphs show noise measurements (signal peak on top, signal RMS level bottom) taken at ANTARES in the evening of July 30, 2010. The single peaks that appear regularly in both graphs are produced by echo sounders used for positioning of the ANTARES neutrino detectors. It can be seen that around 20:45 (GMT) the background noise levels increase until the system saturates and is switched off; this increase is caused by a passing fast ferry.

(the dB levels may contain an error due to unknown exact sensitivity of the hydrophone at the moment of recording)